Help With Disappeared Passage

Twine Version: Latest
https:// imgur. com/a/uvMVHEK
I clicked backspace when trying to delete a section of text from a passage, the passage then turned into this red stop sign/ blocked sign and I can’t undo it. My search on the web has been hopeless with nothing coming up with a variety of keywords so I’m trying here :slightly_smiling_face:
This is probably something stupid and fixed in 0 seconds but thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You might have a link that leads to nowhere. As in:


But you don’t have a passage called Next in your project.

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That red icon means that the passage contains a broken link. It’s likely that you accidentally deleted the passage you were working on, leaving the passage that linked to it with a broken link. Does the top left corner of the editor say “Undo Delete Passage”? If so try clicking that. The desktop application also saves backups in the main Twine folder, if you’re using that, so you can check out if it save a backup with the passage still intact. Otherwise, you’ll just have to create the passage again and rewrite all its text.

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Yes, you’ve solved it for me. I was able to find the backup and I’ve got my passage back :grin:.


I wish there was a “Trash Can” for passages in Twine.

You can suggest improvements in the Twine Github Repo.

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