Help with creating an auto-scrolling function - Harlowe 3 - Twine 2


I’m pretty new to coding and having trouble with a new project. I’m hoping to have a passage slowly do a vertical autoscroll (like movie credits), but I’m not sure how to do it. If anyone has any advice / could help, that would be incredible!

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To be honest, from a user point of view it looks like a terrible idea. People don’t all read at the same speed, so there will be people who will more or less patiently wait for the next line to appear, while others will struggle to keep reading before the text disappears.

Anyway, I think an animated image would probably be easier to create than what you’re describing.

I am not too familiar with Harlowe, but if you are not dead set on the scrolling effect you could do something similar but a little different.

You could use the delayed text macro or the live macro to show one line of text at a time and transition to another passage when one page is full.