Help with creating a semi-random/rotating variable

I’m trying to create a pokemon fangame in my free time, but I suck at using Harlowe/Twine and need help. I want the player to be able to choose one of 3 pokemon, however these links rotate so that on your second playthrough you may have different options than on your first. How would I go about making this? (I know this is very basic, but this is my 3rd time ever using Twine)

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Other people might have better ideas, but this is one way you could do it:

In a startup passage:

(set: $option1 to (either: "pikachu", "charmander", "bulbasaur"))
(set: $option2 to (either: "evee", "squirtle", "magicarp"))
(set: $option3 to (either: "cottonee", "cutiefly", "meowth"))

And then in the passage where they choose their pokemon:

(link-reveal-goto: "$option1", "passage2")[(set: $pokemon to $option1)]
(link-reveal-goto: "$option2", "passage2")[(set: $pokemon to $option2)]
(link-reveal-goto: "$option3", "passage2")[(set: $pokemon to $option3)]

Thank you so much! I tried this, and it works perfectly.