Help with combat

I want to make a combat system for this, i have seen how some people do it but i think i would have better luck if someone could give me an example of what needs to be typed and its resulting effect on the script. I am very new to Inform, but i have the basic concepts down fairly well.

I kinda want it to be wear if someone is holding an item, say a sword, then they have higher attack, then this would result in a buff of their attack power, then by a random roll of the die, it would determine who would attack and who would get hit. something along those lines. If their is a better way i would like to hear about them as well, but keep in mind if they are very complex they are probably going to be to hard for me to successfully try and do.

You could use my Inform ATTACK extension:

It is quite powerful but, because of that, also quite complicated. (Though the manual contains a long example that might be helpful.)

i will check it out

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Well, I’m working on release 2… that probably makes me more evil?

Evilest. I have to play Cryptozooalienmarrowbringer, first. So no hurry. Game seems gigantic.

What’s in release 2?

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To the original poster, if you don’t want to delve all the way into ATTACK, you might want to look at the “Lanista” examples in the documentation and see if they inspire you.

Also referring back to the OP: Is the Tolti Aph source up to date? That might be another source to look to for ideas and inspiration.

should i feel stupid for not knowing what Tolti Aph is?

No. It’s The Reliques of Tolti-Aph, a honking enormous worked-out example of a D&D-like scenario in Inform 7, with available source. But (as Erik said) I’m not sure if the source code is updated for the latest version of Inform.

ETA: Anyway, if I remember correctly, isn’t its combat system kind of annoying? I vaguely remember that I would type in “sing,” “wave,” and things like that and get the standard error messages back while my character auto-attacked whatever was in the room.

Nope, but it’s not too hard to bring it up to date. I have a working copy on my computer if anyone wants it.

Yeah, it is. It could really use a long round of polishing, but I think Graham basically said that it was more a proof-of-concept that I7 could be used to write complex D&D-style games. (Apparently, some people had the impression that the system was only good for creating more “literary” works, before it was officially released.) Either that or he went completely crazy.

Premise for a game: The player has been trained since childhood to be an elite killing machine, with murderous instincts honed to Bourne-like effectiveness. But all he/she really wants to do is be on Broadway. So instead of using attack commands, the player sings, dances, and waves her way through the fight scenes, and these are actions are translated onscreen into epic bloodletting. Admittedly, this would work better for Kinect than for IF. But there aren’t many other IF games in which PIROUETTE would be a meaningful command…

More seriously, though, the OP could probably learn something from the combat system of TA, even if it does need tweaking. I haven’t looked at the source code, but as a formal example for I7, it ought to be fairly well commented and approachable…?

No, that’s true. I was thinking that for a beginner it might both be a lot to absorb and present some difficulties as to how to make the combat system more responsive to the player’s command, but it’s still probably worth looking at. (Chapter 3 of part I is the place to look.)

This is a follow-up question from somebody who hasn’t played a (tabletop) RPG in years and who’s quite clueless (yes, me): are there any popular, really free RPG systems? Is d20 free to use or is there still that license thing that prevents some parts - character creation, I think? I know there are lots and lots of different free RPG:s, but has any of them really caught on?

I do know about Risus which has a brilliantly minimalist approach. (Nice work, S. John!)

Sadly tried and failed, mainly cause i don’t know how to get it. i have inform 7 but not something to run it, but a don’t know where to look either, downloaded one, cant remember it, but that didn’t work.

Sorry, could you rephrase that? What did you try to get, and how did it fail?

Sorry, could you rephrase that? What did you try to get, and how did it fail?
I cant run ATTACK, I can read the manual all I want but a cant run the program. i tried downloading something that was supposed to be able to run inform scripts, but that didn’t work.

It’s not a program, it’s an extension, an extra code file you can add to the begging of your I7 code.

Did you choose file->Install Extension->and select inform-ATTACK.i7x? Did you write “Include ATTACK by Victor Gijsbers” at the top of your source file?