Help with Chapel's cycle system

So I am completely new to coding of any sort. Just for fun I am trying to make a game using Twine 2.6.2 and Sugarcube 2.36.1. I am trying to have a certain passage move forward more than just one phase using Chapel’s cycle system. But I have no idea how this would be done. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

What code do you currently have in your story?
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I have the following in my StoryInit passage

<<newcycle 'time' >>
    <<phase 'morning' 'midday' 'evening' 'night'>>

I have no idea where to go from here. Like a said completely new to anything coding.

Is it just for one part of the project or is it supposed to skip a phase on multiple spots?

Just on spot. So I want to go from midday back to morning with one passage

In that case, you’d want to use <<editcycle 'time' reset>> to have the cycle resetting back to the first phase.

You might find the demo of the macro useful (it has examples of code in action)