Help with a crafting/cooking system using Simple Inventory v3

Twine Version: 2.7.0

Hi, I’m new here! I’m currently trying to set up a crafting/cooking system using Simple Inventory, as the title says. So far I’ve made something based on a recipe on chapel’s website (can’t link to it due to being new), which functions properly as is, but I’d like to make time pass every time the player cooks something. Ideally, each cooking recipe should take a different amount of time to make.

I’m very new to datamaps, which this crafting system relies on, so I’m very lost on how I could do this. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

/* Relevent part of StoryInit */
<<newinv $food>>
<<set = new Map([
	["Cooked meat", {"Raw meat" : 1}],
    ["Clean water", {"Dirty water" : 1}]

/* Current cooking UI */
<<for _item, _food range>> 
	<<capture _food _item>>
    	<<if $>>
        	<<link "Make  _item ">>
            	<<if $>>
                	<<run $food.unmerge(_food)>>
                    <<pickup $food _item 1>>
                    <<replace "#story-caption">><<include "StoryCaption">><</replace>>
                    <<replace "#passage-campfire" t8n>><<include "Campfire">><</replace>>
        	==Make _item==
        | Req. <<for _mat, _num range _food>>
        	<<print _mat + " " + $food.count(_mat) + "/" + _num>>

Note on my time system: I can easily add time with <<set $minutes += x>> (or hours/days), I’m just confused on how I can give each cooking recipe different amounts of time to complete.