Help wanted with AI-assisted interactive fiction game

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We are looking for folks who love interactive fiction and maybe an adventure game here and there to help out with an AI-assisted interactive fiction project. In a nutshell, one can look at any story as a set of moments in time. Each moment may contain many events. One can train AI instead of crunching numbers to simulate different paths through this sea of possible events. The AI does not do any writing. The writing is all yours. What AI does is serve the events that you write, simulating many possible stories at once. Now of course some will not make sense like a dead character pops back up. The author then trains the AI by pruning away the paths that don’t make sense. Once the work is shared with an audience, the audience becomes co-authors in a sense that they can indicate their reaction to what just happened as a result of their actions. So the AI continues to learn. No two reads are ever the same because the likelihood of the audience making the same exact set of choices is virtually zero. H2O: A Drop in the Ocean is a fictional story about water created using this technology. What it needs is that audience participation bit, so we’re trying to see if anyone might be interested in helping train it further. If you would like to help, the sign up is at


All we are asking for is a screen name of some kind. You can either provide an e-mail address on the sign up page or join our Facebook group to see any announcements that we make. The time is limited, we are releasing in 48 days.

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– The H2O Writer AI team

Interesting. It sounds like this is an example of what Short calls a salience-based narrative?

Something along those lines. :smile: It does not generate content however. The traditional research on that topic has been more focused on automated summarisation of text. So the AI is still trying replace the writer, which will never ever work. And besides, who’d be crazy enough to want that in any case? With H2O Writer AI the author still provides and edits all the content. The AI is used for presentation of the content. Of course there always ends up being a little bit of branching where absolutely necessary. H2O Writer AI will allow one to create a completely linear story or a traditional CYOA if you tighten every screw there is, but the ideal H2O Writer AI work has no branching whatsoever and is left to evolve as the player feels. We are not beta testing. I posted here because this was the closest to “help wanted” section I found. This one is done, complete. Looking for serious players to play and spread the word. So, if this sounds like something you might want to play, go ahead and sign up. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Short, she actually gave our production “H2O: A Drop in the Ocean” a shout-out in her mid-March blog. :blush:

If you’re announcing a completed work and looking for players, the place to do that is Project Announcements.

Thank you. I will make a post there as well.

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H2O: A Drop in the Ocean Kickstarter launched this morning showcasing a writer artificial intelligence framework - Update: now with a limited promotion to play for free!