Help: Viewing Twine stories as the map

Hi, I am new to twine and I am using it to display a map of different versions of one book. I know that this was made to create storylines but the mapping format is really helpful for me. I was to use this to display these links in my thesis chapter but whenever I save it brings me to the black screen display. Essentially I just want to save it as the map and have others be able to open it to that.
Is this possible?
I am using Twine if that helps



What format of Twine are you using? Harlowe? SugarCube? Chapbook? something else?

I have absolutely no idea, I just came in and started putting together the graph, so I dont think any…?

You’re probably in Harlowe then…
But just to be sure:

Click on Story then Details. You’ll see the format in a small window like this one:

Ahh yes you are right, it is in Harlowe

What options are you using to perform that “save”?

note: Unlike software that is specific designed to do mind mapping or to create organisational / flow charts, the Twine 2.x application does not include an option for saving just the visual Story Passage Map.

I’m using the export function to ‘save’

Ahh I see, thanks for informing me, I’ll try to find something more specific