Help resolve my doubt in Gateway

I have just solved the puzzle on the third Heechee-planet. (The one with the Sasquatch)

However, in a last dream, the Dorman woman pleads to undo what I have done. Is she talking about raising the shield, or taking away the crystal shard from the cavern? The field generator is on, that cannot be undone. As for the shard, I can’t get it back in its original place on top of the muddy crystal outcropping. The best I can do is drop it there. That does not give a response from the Dormans by way of a dream however. I’m worried that if I leave now, the Dormans will, I don’t know, suffocate or evaporate or something. Can or should I do anything more?

It’s a testament to how good this game is when it has me running to the Forum to ask this.

It’s been a while since I’ve played that game. But, I think that, in addition to the things you’ve mentioned, you should also get the beast to put the boulder in the dike. More specifically, if you can break the spell the crystal has on the beast in the right place, he’ll inadvertently dam the dike again.

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Thanks, but not really what I mean.

I’ve solved the entire puzzle. I’m free to return to the spacestation. The cloaking shield is activated. I did return to Gateway-station, and I got a 5m $ reward. So I’m completely on track with the mission.

It’s just that after I turned on the shield, the PC has another telepathic dream. In that dream, a woman (a mental image of the planet’s alien species) asks the PC to undo what he has done. While she asks this, she points at a painting with an open bottle with the cork next to it. So I wondered if I had done something that would lead to their extinction in the long run.

I certainly made sure I saved the game at that point, so I could return to fix my wrongdoings if it turns out that I killed an entire species.

But thanks for thinking about it and replying.

Are you sure putting a cork in a bottle isn’t a metaphor for putting a boulder in the dam?

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That’s gotta be it. But I got that dream after I did that. Glitch probably.

Thanks a lot. And now off to planet 4.