Help remembering old game?

I’ve been trying to remember an old game I used to play on a 386 or 286.

The things I (think that I) remember:

  1. Fantasy setting.
  2. Randomized - you would travel between random locations, with repeats.
  3. Randomized within locations - sometimes stealing from the gnome’s chest would be fine, sometimes he would catch you.
  4. Completely or nearly completely text-based.
  5. At the end of the game, the objective was to amass a fortune, with all of your items converted into money, which would then be converted into hired soldiers to attack the Evil King’s citadel. The Evil King may not have been called an Evil King, and his citadel might not have been called a citadel.
  6. You could choose to initiate the end game at any time.
  7. I’m pretty sure there was RPG-like combat as well, with hit points and weapons?

I would have played the game in about 1990, but it was probably a few years (at least) older than that. It was a local executable, with its own .exe, not anything telnetted into or run from another program.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

This has got to be Braminar, and your memory is wrong on a couple of points.

Wow. Nice pull. It was indeed Braminar! Thanks!

I was called upon to justify to The CRPG Addict why I categorized Braminar as an RPG on Mobygames. I regret that the only time I played it to completion, my laptop was not connected to a dot matrix printer so I still don’t know what the certificate of completion looks like. Besides that, it’s just a tremendously curious curio that’s probably best left as a pleasantly nostalgic hazy memory 8) (That said, the wonderfully strange setting might be verdant grist for a fangame!)