help me find sources for weekly interactive fiction news?

For the last couple of months or so I’ve been collecting IF links and posting them weekly at IFURLs. It started with a desire to have an inclusive feed more relevant to IF than Planet IF (which is great, but it seems like half of it isn’t IF-related sometimes), and to have an outward-facing feed for people who don’t follow IF feeds regularly (as I and I guess most IF people do). It’s slowly been morphing into a weekly IF news site, though I still don’t know where it’s going to end up, so it’s very simple for now, just a hosted Wordpress blog.

I’ve advertised it on 3 or 4 non-IF game sites and gotten a decent response. I’m posting to ask if anyone has ideas for sources that I should follow – this is what I currently look at:

  • Twitter “interactive fiction” and #interactivefiction searches.
  • RAIF and RGIF
  • Boston PRIF and Seattle IF lists
  • this forum of course
  • Jolt Country forums
  • JACL forums
  • Adrift forums
  • IFWiki recent changes
  • Planet IF feed
  • IFDB feed

Any others?

If you go for a wander through the IFComp game pages on IFWiki and look at the review links, you’ll find a few IF blogs that aren’t on Planet IF - although most of them don’t update much.