Help me block a rule, plz k thx

Hello all.

I’ve never blocked a rule in a game before and I think that’s what I have to do here. I have a scene where the player is being held at gunpoint. The player has to talk to the assailant. Hence, I want the command “Talk to man” to start the convo. (I’m still using Eric Eve’s convo extensions). When that happens, the message “You say hello to the man” prints. I need to block this in favor for something more appropriate. I ran the “rules” command and I think I need to block the “standard report greeting rule” but I can’t figure out how to phrase it.


The standard report gretting rule is not listed in any rulebook.

(The same rule could in principle be listed in several different rulebooks. And you are allowed to unlist it from any rulebook or from a specific one.)

Thank you! :mrgreen:

edit: didn’t seem to work. Is there a specific place I put it in my code?

2nd edit: it DID work, I was blocking the wrong rule. Thanks!

As I recall, the intended way to provide a customized response to a greeting was to use an After saying hello to rule, since this will take precedence over the report rule that provides the default response. You shouldn’t need to unlist the standard report greeting rule, just provide your own rule of the form:

After saying hello to the assailant: say "blah blah blah"

Okay, thanks. I thought the “response of so-and-so when quizzed about such-and-such” replaced the after rule you mentioned. I will def tweak it better now! :slight_smile: