Help: img in css


I know I can use html in every passage eg
If I want to use a similar command in all the story using css how can I make?



Twine supports inline HTML in your passages. Just put your HTML in the passage.

If you’re having any problems with it, post your code and we can help out.

Also, don’t forget to mention what Twine story format you’re using (Harlowe, SugarCube, etc…).

eg <a href="…" align=“right” width=“150” /> but I want the same image everywhere. Can I use css?



I’m not quite sure what you mean by you wanting “the same image everywhere”.

If you want images in various locations using CSS you could set the “background-image” property to your image within a CSS class, and then use that as the background in spans, divs, or whatever element you want by adding that class. See:

W3Schools: “CSS Backgrounds
MDN: “background-image