Help Identifying Game


I’m trying to remember the name of a game that, I think, was released early or mid 200s. The gamer’s description claims that you need to make bio-ethical decisions and the content could be disturbing. I think the PC was a doctor. I remember being in a hospital, visiting some patients and perhaps looking at their medical charts. The hospital was barricaded against a group of protestors outside. You can escape the hospital and go to your apartment where a secret is revealed. I think there was an epidemic and/or controversial treatments being performed at the clinic.

Ring any bells anyone?


This sounds a lot like Chris Klimas’ Mercy.

That’s it! Mercy. I knew it was one word, but the word that came to mind was always ‘safe.’

Does anyone know of other games in which the PC is a doctor or other medical professional, or scientist, and the story involves disease, e.g., infection, in some way? I haven’t seen a poll for this on IFDB. Maybe I’ll start one, but can anyone think of suitable games in the meantime?



There’s Cheiron, which was intended as a study tool for med students; it’s not awesome either as that or as IF, but I found it entertaining.

Best part of your review, maga!

To be fair, that’s not impossible in the real world.

It may be called “male menstruation” but its just bleeding caused by a parasite. Men don’t have felopian (sp?) tubes or uteri, obviously.

In its way Slouching Toward Bedlam counts as a game with a medical professional about an infection. (But the infection isn’t quite standard…)

No, I meant that trans men often have both fallopian tubes and uteri.