HELP How do I change the background color for a singular passage in Twine?

Twine Version: Harlowe 3.3.8

Hi, so I really need help. I want to change the background color for just one passage. For example, all my other background colors are white, but for this one passage, I want it to be black instead. How do I do that?? It would be helpful if you could just put some code for me to copy and paste or something, but any help is appreciated whatsoever. I’m a beginner and I dunno any javascript or anything like that.

Hi there!

There are multiple ways of doing so:

  • use the <style> HTML code in your passage
   tw-story {
      background-color: red;
  • use the tagging function (i.e. add a Tag to your passage) and your stylesheet (useful for multiple passages too)

This page might be useful for you.

For example, if a passage has a tag called forest, you can do this in the StyleSheet

html.forest tw-story {
	background-color: red;
tw-story[tags~="forest"] {
	background-color: red;

Thank you so much!!! It worked!!! :smiley: