Help! Free time events, like Danganronpa

Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: SugarCube 2.34.1

English is not my native language but I hope I can explain everything in a way you can understand :dizzy_face: sorry if its confusing!

So! My game have a date-sim mechanic, where you can gain relationship points with NPCs and date them. There are four male options, let’s call them boy A, boy B, boy C and boy D. They have five “love” events, each of these events in a separate passage. So, for example, the boy A has these five passages:

[[Boy A event 1]]
[[Boy A event 2]]
[[Boy A event 3]]
[[Boy A event 4]]
[[Boy A event 5]]

Same for boy B, C and D. In the end of every chapter of my game, the protagonist has the option to call one of the boys to have an event with them.

A perfect example is the “Free time” in the game Danganronpa, where in each free time you can choose one character, have an event with them and gain relashionship points. Then, in the next free time you can choose the same character and have another event with them or you can choose other character.

So, in my game would be something like this:

::End of chapter::

The protagonist wants to call someone to talk.

[[Choose boy A->Boy A event x]]
[[Choose boy B->Boy B event x]]
[[Choose boy C->Boy C event x]]
[[Choose boy D->Boy D event x]]

Where X is the event number that the player is going to see. If player choose boy B, for the first time:

::Boy B event 1::

They go in a first date with B.

[[End date|next chapter]]

Later, in another chapter, if the player choose B again:

::Boy B event 2::

They go to a second date with B.

[[End date|next chapter]]

Same for the others boys.

What I want to know is, how do I do that exactly? Like… for the game to show the boys events, in the correct order, without repeating them? And to remember the last event the player saw, in case the player wants to, for example, choose boy B first (see his event 1), then boy D next (see his event 1) then go back to boy B, to see his event TWO.

Argh, sorry if this is confusing I dont know to explain this in english in a simple way and this is driving me crazy, I really want to have this in my game :sob:

My suggestion would be to create a “Hub passage” for every boy. I’ll use Boy A as an example.

Create a new passage named Boy A events and add:

<<set _eventPassage = "Boy A event " + visited()>>\
<<include _eventPassage>>
[[End date|next chapter]]

The _eventPassage variable will be set to Boy A event 1 the first time, Boy A event 2 the second time, and so on.

You can then create passages named Boy A event 1, Boy A event 2 etc and they will be displayed inside the Boy A events (using the <<include>> Macro) in the correct order every time you click [[Choose Boy A|Boy A events]]

Repeat for every boy.

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Thank you, THANK YOU, this is perfect!!

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