Help for a non native English speaker!

Hi there!

Remember those Dennis Wheatley mystery novels mentioned in this thread?. The same ones Zack Urlocker is giving away both as comp prizes and for testers of his Z-Machine Matter. I need a helping hand with one of them!

I recently got a copy of the 1979 facsimile edition of Murder Off Miami from ebay. Not the true 30’s original, but quite beautiful anyway. I pretend to go through it this summer while I simultaneously play the IF adaptation Delta 4 guys made in 1987 just for the sake of comparing the experience and have some fun with it. My trouble is: not beeing used to read hand-written english some of the notes in the book are close to unintelligible to me :blush: , specially the deceased Bolitho Blane’s ones!


I will probably find transcripts of them in the computer game which I could easily understand, but untill that happens I just can get a few isolated words from the messages. Now, if someone here could make some quick transcripts of them… I don’t need a translation, it’s just that I can’t read Bolitho Blane’s hand-written English!

I can only offer my eternal gratitude in exchange (and if that’s not enough, the vague and unlikely promise that if I keep on writting IF works after my Indigo Speed-comp entry some day I will name a NPC after whoever helps :stuck_out_tongue: )


Wow, I can barely read them myself. This is what I can come up with:

Thanks a lot!! Your guess is right, It’s all about a list with stock references (including some Argus-something, I’m at job right now and can´t see it, company) his assistant, Mr Stodart, had handed him just a bit earlier. Hey, this has saved me a lot of guess work to get things into making more sense! (though I’m still far from making a solid theory of who the murderer is :laughing: )

Thanks again (and now there will be a matt-character in my next IF work… whenever that happens! :smiley: )

Excellent, glad I could help.

If you want a more specific name, my last name is Weiner. :smiley: (I probably shouldn’t mention that in fantasy settings I go by Slandor the Besmirchinator.)