Help finding the last few points in Wry

Olaf Nowacki’s Wry is a short score-attack game from 2022’s Spring Thing. I played the game last year and thought it was fun, but I wasn’t able to get all the points. I tried to make my own guide for it, playing through it again and using the ClubFloyd playthrough to see if I missed anything, but I came up short a few points. Is anyone willing to poke around with the game a bit and help find the last few score-earning commands?

Spreadsheet of commands and score values
Command Points earned Availability
>read magazine (do this 5 times) 8 From start (for all below)
>kiss magazine 2
>kiss me 2
>x still life 5
>enter door 2
>x garden 2
>x scupture 2
>sit on zebra 2
>lie on zebra 2
>take pedestal 1
>lie on sofa 2
>put fish food in aquarium (you get points the second time you do this) 1 After getting the fish food from the drawer
>adjust still life 5 Standing on sofa
>take canvas 5 After pulling the sofa
>put canvas in frame 5 After getting the canvas
>take sculpture 5 After smoothing out the sofa
>put sculpture on pedestal 5 After taking the sculpture

This totals up to 56 points, leaving 4 unaccounted for!


You can easily put a large spoilery list of commands like this behind a curtain with the “Hide Details” function. When writing the post, there’s a gear-symbol at the top far right. Press ing this gives you the option to hide a substantial amount of text behind a spoiler-protector (or compress the wall of text of fine details of your comment into an expandable feature).

Like this:

[clicks “Hide Details” in the top bar]

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Will give you this:


This text will be hidden. (–> You can replace the “Summary” and the “This text will be hidden.” with anything you want.)


Thank you for this post! It motivates me to do a little update with hints at the end!

Let me know if you want me to spoil the final points here (they’re pretty much hidden I’m afraid).


Ooh, thanks for offering! I think I’ll wait a few days to see if anyone’s interested in helping find them. Otherwise, they can just be revealed straight-up.

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