Help adding IFDB Download/Play Links

Alright, nevermind below, this is now a Doug Orleans appreciation thread! Authors especially though can still double-check their own entry pages, and if they have updated entries/additional files they want to add, they can do so! Also, add tags/reviews if you wish!

Just noticed, it seems like a bunch of the IFDB pages for this year’s entries don’t have download/play links in them:

Does anyone want to help make sure everything’s playable? Doug Orleans did most of them already, so thanks for his hard work!

I’ve split the list into groups, so anyone can pick a group from below and add links to any entries that don’t have them. Here’s a completed twine example, Animalia: and here’s a parser one, Alias the Magpie:

You should be able to link to the files for each game in the IFArchive:

Authors can also double-check their own games if they want.

56th Place: Flowers of Mysteria, by David Sweeney
57th Place: + = x, by Chandler Groover
58th Place: Tohu wa Bohu, by alex wesley moore
59th Place: Eunice, by Gita Ryaboy
60th Place: Instruction Set, by Jared Jackson

61st Place: Anno 1700, by Finn Rosenløv
62nd Place: The Addicott Manor, by Intudia
63rd Place: Dreamland, by Tatiana Statsenko (as eejitlikeme)
64th Place: Awake, by Soham Sevak
65th Place: Space Punk Moon Tour, by J_J

66th Place: The Broken Bottle, by The Affinity Forge team, Josh Irvin
67th Place: Escape from Dinosaur Island, by Richard Pettigrew
68th Place: Dilemma, by Leonora
69th Place: Birmingham IV, by Peter Emery
70th Place (tie): H.M.S. Spaceman, by Nat Quayle Nelson, Diane Cai

70th Place (tie): Shackles of Control, by Sly Merc
72nd Place: A Final Grind, by nrsm_ha
73rd Place: And You May Find Yourself, by VPC
74th Place: Let’s Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise, by Carter Sande
75th Place: Nightmare Adventure, by Laurence Emms, Vibha Laljani

76th Place: Campfire Tales, by Matthew Deline
77th Place: Linear Love, by Tom Delanoy

Thanks for pitching in! I’ve been slowly working my way down the list (in order of placement) over the past week, but I kinda stalled out around #45. But I’m pretty sure all the games above that have download and/or play online links.

I appreciate your help with my page, for ‘Bullhockey!’.

Also, don’t forget to add links to walkthroughs (and other feelies/etc) if any.

OK, I made it through the list… I think all the comp entries should have download/play links now. But feel free to double check.

Doug, thank you for all your hard work! And to everyone else who helped with this gargantuan task!