Help about big gblorb file (interpreters say it's corrupted)


I’m making an IF with Inform 7 (6L38) on Windows 8.
This is my problem: I’m using lots of soundtrack (of course, legally used). Unfortunately, once I try to release a demo of it, any interpreter fail to run the file gblorb: Gargoyle claims “could not load blorb file”, glulxe says “This Blorb file seems to be invalid” and so on. Please consider that the interpreter built within Inform 7 runs it without any apparent problem.
I’ve seen that if the global size of the gblorb file is <30 MB (around), the file itself is correctly handled by the interpreters; otherwise, the message of error always come. And it’s useless to try to rerealise the game.

Is there a way to solve this problem? If you need more info, please ask me.

It sounds like the blorb-building script that comes with I7 is going wrong somehow.

Is the file downloadable somewhere?

Ehm… Just solved it. My fault, while importing one of the sounds I had written Sound of Cicala is the file "CIcala.ogg." and the final full stop was the one causing the crash.

I should have double-checked it before posting, sorry :blush:

That should produce an error during the release compile: “Fatal error: unable to read data…” You didn’t see any such error?

No, I didn’t.

I have even tried with a simple code like this

"Prova" by LoSmarrito.

Myroom  is a room. 

Sound of musica is the file "musica.ogg.". [in my music folder exists only "musica.ogg", of course]

And the release compile works “correctly”, without giving any error message; but of course, I can’t run the built .gblorb file, since I get by the various interpreters the same error messages as in my other case.

Okay. On the Mac IDE I get an appropriate error. I’m going to file this as a Windows IDE bug.

No error for me on Windows 7, build 6L38. It does seem to be an IDE bug.

Has anyone else got this error on Windows 10?