Hello! I’m a author/game-maker who is currently working on a semi-adult fiction adventure story called “Apocamorphosis” and was wondering if it had a place on the forum for feedback and/or commentary? Currently, the game’s word count is around 305,601 with 1344 pages as of the current update but only one mostly-complete area.

I’m using “Quest Text Adventure” software and am new to coding.

The game will heavily feature RPG elements, character customization, transformation and modification, romantic relationships, diverse characters, high-stakes adventure and travel, combat, optional adult entertainment, immersive writing/description and finally (eventually) art customized to your character’s appearance. The content can be customized to fit the player’s style as well; for example, don’t want to see adult situations? No problem. Want it to read like a high fantasy novel? That works as well. The game’s personality feature allows you to see the game’s world as you like.

Thank you in advance to anyone who happens to read this or feels interested in seeing the work! I appreciate it.


You want the “Announcements and Betatesting” section.

Thank you :slight_smile: