Hello Daves Everywhere!!!!

[size=150]Hello Daves everywhere. [/size]

Roger Lloyd-Pack would have been 70 today. So, today it is Call everyone Dave Day.

Trigger’s best one liners

You don’t know who Trigger is? Then hang your head in shame.

February 9th, of course, is Greengrocers’ Apostrophe Memorial Day, when we remember those cruelly laid low by that most painful mark of punctuation.

And it an important day, very true. Awareness is always important. But…

About 1 man in 6 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Apostrophe Memorial Day or people dying from Prostate Cancer? Now let me think…

For that day I suggest playing this game. (You might want to come forearmed with a guide to the topics in the conversation section.)

Totally impromptu on ifMUD today, just now. What’s funny is, I really thought Maga’s name was Mega: