Having trouble with omit contents in listing (problem in bold near bottom)

“backrooms” by yelfog

room1 is a room. the description is “There is a small note on desk in front of you as well as a door on the wall in front of you (north). The door has a padlock as well as a message engraved onto it. The yellowed wallpaper peels at the corner of the room as the bright lights of the fluorescent bulbs on the ceiling flicker at random”.

desk is a thing.
desk is scenery.
desk is a supporter.
desk is in room1.
instead of taking the desk: say “I don’t think I can fit a desk in my pocket”; stop the action.

small note is an object. the description is “A small sheet of paper with the text ESCAPE”.
small note is on desk.

long hallway is a room. the description is “The same wall paper peels off of the walls. The carpet is wet and makes a gushing sound as you walk. The path branches off into three hallway (north), (west), and (east)”.

hallway door is a door. the description is “a normal wooden door with a message engraved in the center A=1 B=2 C=3 as well a padlock with 8 digits”.
hallway door is north of room1 and south of hallway.
hallway door is closed.
hallway door is locked.

The hallway door has a number called the combo. When play begins, now the combo of the hallway door is 51931165. Understand “padlock” as the hallway door.

Typing on it is an action applying to one number and one thing. Understand “put in [a number] into [something]” and “put [a number] into [something]”
and “enter [a number] into [something]” as typing on it.

Check typing on it:
if the second noun is not the hallway door:
instead say “You don’t know how to do that to [the second noun].”;
if the second noun is unlocked:
instead say “[The second noun] is already unlocked.”

Carry out typing on it:
if the number understood is the combo of the second noun:
now the second noun is unlocked;

Report typing on it:
if the second noun is unlocked:
say “The padlock clicks unlocked.”;
say “You put in the number on the padlock, but nothing happens.”.

left hallway is west of hallway.
left hallway is a room. the description is “the same repeating yellow wallpaper and moist carpet. The wall paper on the north wall has been cut. There seems to be an object inside of the torn wallpaper”.

torn wallpaper is a thing.
torn wallpaper is a container.
torn wallpaper is in left hallway.
instead of taking the torn wallpaper: say “why would i take wallpaper?”; stop the action.

rule for writing the name of the torn wallpaper say: “torn wallpaper”; omit contents in listing.

box is an object.
box is a container.
box can be locked and unlocked.
box is locked.
box is inside torn wallpaper.

Your code will compile if you change that to:

rule for printing the name of the torn wallpaper: 
say “torn wallpaper”; omit contents in listing.

Printing instead of writing, and the say on the other side of the colon.

A couple of things would make it a lot easier for people to be able to help:

  • if you could try to reproduce your problem in the simplest possible example instead of giving us a large example with a lot of code not related to the issue. (Bonus: one often finds the problem when trying to do this.)
  • Include it as a code block, either by using the button that looks like </> in the editing bar or by putting 3 backticks on a line before and after the code, so this in your input:
[ code here ]

will be presented as this:

[ code ]

If you don’t do that, tabs in your code get lost, also making it harder for anyone to try to compile your code.

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