Having something happen when a particular phrase is written

Basically, I want to be able to have something happen whenever the player types in a very specific phrase. Examples include:

“Skip tutorial”
I want to be able to have something happen (such as ending the tutorial scene) when this is typed out, without having to create a new action called Skipping applying to one thing, an invisible thing named tutorial, and then checking to see if the player is skipping tutorial.

Typing in a single phrase as a password. Context sensitive, so I need to able to say “No need to say it here” if in the wrong room, and “Access granted” when in the correct room.

For a humorous message to appear if the player should try typing in a swear word, or an instant death if they type “Die”.

So how do I do this? I already tried Check “word”:, but that didn’t work.

Create a new action called tutorial-skipping applying to nothing. Then understand “skip tutorial” as tutorial-skipping. This saves you the fussing around with invisible objects.

While you’re at it, make it an action out of world. (See chapter 12.15.)

There’s already a “swearing obscenely” action built in to Inform, which captures many of the most popular curse words, so you can just write new rules for it:

Instead of swearing obscenely, say "Naughty naughty."

(There’s some annoyance about the “swearing obscenely” action, since the Index doesn’t actually list its synonyms, but if you want one catchall response to swear words then it should work for you.)