Having some trouble using Unicode with Vorple/Parchment

If I use ‘say “[Unicode 8628]”;’ to print a unicode character to the “Vorple” area of the screen, it works.
If I try to, 'place a link to command “[cmd]” reading “[label] [Unicode 8628]”; ', within the Vorple container, it works.
If I try the same thing, but try to use it in a containing element outside the Vorple container, it is passed to the html as “?”.
If I try the same thing with a regular character, such as ‘>’, it works fine.

Not sure what’s going on. Any ideas how to get it to work?

Could you show an example of code that fails?

Juhana; I put in some debugging code and found that the character didn’t seem to be making it through into Vorple. I then tried to recode the offending section of my code, in case there was something I had missed, and it worked. I’m sorry to have bothered you with this. It was the last functional thing that I needed to do to finish my horizontal multi-level drop-down menu example, so I was rushing too much.

I’ve attached a screenshot to show you what I’ve done. It only uses CSS and Inform7/Vorple commands. Absolutely no Javascript! I even wrote extra commands to Inform7 to make it easier to set up the menu structure. I’ll likely put together an extension, so others can use it more easily. Would you be interested in having a look and maybe helping be streamline the code? You’ve shown me some better ways to do things in the past.

By the way…
Is there a good place to make this sort of thing available? The Inform7 site doesn’t have a place for anything but inform7 extensions.
I’ve got Git-Hub, but I need to learn how to use it better. So; In the meantime, I guess I could set up a spot on dropbox and provide links. The trouble is that they would be hard to find.
Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.47.01 AM.png

Sorry about the late reply. That does look very cool! I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it but I can’t really promise quick feedback because of other commitments at the moment.

The traditional place to share this kind of things is the IF Archive, especially after it reaches a point when it’s not being updated frequently. I can also link it from the Vorple web site.

I would have responded immediately, but I was optimizing the CSS file to remove as much redundant menu-related code as possible and annotate it to make understanding it a bit easier. Turns out that I was able to get rid of about half of it and might be able to optimize it further. Even the current optimization has helped load speed. Needless to say, a minified version will load even faster. This CSS optimization then allowed me to make the menu-definition code in Inform7/Vorple even more elegant and easy to use, which was another plus.

I also reworked the compass rose to include an actual compass graphic with labelled compass-points and an “eye” graphic in the centre for “look”.

I probably should remove the old panel menu system etc., but It is functional and won’t hurt anything if left in a demo build.

I’m now debating on how best to pass you a demo copy to review. What’s your preference? A zip-file might work best, because I can pass a complete working example showing various combinations of menu levels etc.

A zip file would be just fine.

Tried zipping it and it’s about 15 Meg.
I’ll try removing anything that gets rebuilt and see how small I can make it.