Having problems emailing ifcomp site

I sent an email to prizes@ifcomp.org from my core email address, and got back a message about being rejected as spam (but I can’t tell if it was for one or all recipients, if that’s a thing). I tried again and got the same message.

Then I wrote to someone mentioned in the header of that bounced email, and they tried forwarding my message. That was days ago, so I tried emailing ifcomp@ifcomp.org just now, and again got a bounce message.

I can’t tell if anything I’ve sent has reached them (you, if you’re them.) Could you check your email and PM me or hit any of the email buttons at wadeclarke.com to let me know? Thanks.



Hey Wade! I tested emails to both those addresses and haven’t gotten a bounce back yet. I’ll let you know if anything seems to go amiss.

Maybe try again - could have been a temporary general internet glitch? Let me know!

Hm, okay. Thanks.


Hey, Wade. I’m checking to see what’s up and will be in touch.

(IFComp Organizer)