Having a variation on the same page?

So im trying to figure this out. I have it where depending on what your stat is a hyper link will appear as the only opetion but im now trying to do something where depending on the stat just the text for that stat appears on the same page. Like my two things are clumsy and smooth basically. Im using twine sugarcube

What code do you currently have? And what stat do you want to show (and at what value) ?

so this is my current code for the previous passage i used it

<<if $Sarcastic >= 50>>[[Nope. Not today]]
<<elseif $Emotional <= 50>>[[This is ridiculous]]
<<elseif $Shy >= 50>>[[…what…?]]<>
and it just shows up as a single choice

what im wanting if clumsy this reaction
not clumsy so and so reaction but on the same page not going somewhere else or a choice if that makes sense?

Ok, so maybe?

<<if $Clumsy is true>> Reaction for Clumsy
    <<if $Sarcastic >= 50>>[[Nope. Not today]]
    <<elseif $Emotional <= 50>>[[This is ridiculous]]
    <<elseif $Shy >= 50>>[[…what…?]]<</if>>

so for me then itd be like <50>> Reaction for clumsy
not clumsy reaction

you need to wrap your code with that character > ` < otherwise it doesn’t show properly
or the < / > icon in the text editor