Having a hard time with Simple Chat by Mark Tilford.

The Simple Chat extension has been really helping me out so far, but I’m having a problem with it. See, there’s this one character who has a value called ‘anger’, and everything the player says to that character increases that anger by 1. When it gets to a certain point, the game ends, but when I try it, that scene doesn’t happen until the conversation ends. Is there a way to cut a conversation short to let things happen?

I tried doing it like this:

Report giving text for smell-funny::
if the anger of Man is greater than 4:
say “He wraps his hands around your throat and squeezes tight.”;
end the game in death instead;
deactivate smell-funny;
say “He just growls at you.” instead.

(Ignore the names, this is just a test.)

Been a long time since I worked with Simple Chat, but have you tried having the “finding responses to” rule check the anger, and not find any responses if it’s too high?