Have a text-based game? Submit it here for free!

I have been a long-time fan of text games dating back to the late 70’s, and want to try and promote a resurgence in them.

We are happy to announce our new service for developers of text-based games that helps you get more visits to your site. If you have a text-based game or application you are invited to register at empiredirectory.net/toplist/ and create a account and add a 468x60 banner. This service is totally free, forever…


The resurgence in text-based games is happening all around us, but I suspect you mean specific genres of game. Your site is built around one of the BBS-style 4X space games? Or a category of them?

I’ll add my MUD to the list, anyhow…

I’ll add some of my work, too.

It may be useful for you to check out ifdb.tads.org/, which is an interactive fiction game catalog and recommendation engine with (currently) 7470 game listings. If you did some kind of programmatic slurp from the IFDB into EmpireDirectory, you could easily populate the Interactive Fiction section of your site.

Imperium started as a BBS game for the Amiga, but I converted it to Linux in the mid 90’s. Development was on hold for several years but I have begun active development last year.

Look forward to seeing your site listed!

That’s a good idea, I’ll look into it. Hope to see you post your site!