Has anyone updated scott2zip for Inform 6?

For those that don’t know, scott2zip.perl is a Perl script that can be used to convert a TRS-80 (ASCII) or TI-99/4A (binary) Scott Adams format file to Inform 5 source code. Neat trick, huh?

I recently had need to use this only to find that [a] it produced Inform 5 source code that would not compile in Inform 6, [b] when this source code was patched, it produced run-time errors in the complied z-code file, [c] it deleted any room descriptions that had a hyphen in the description.

I had to download an Inform 5.5 compiler and delete the hyphens in the dat file to get it all to work. Once this was done, it worked fine, but I don’t know what other gotchas I’m likely to strike in other games.

So has anyone updated this script so that it is compatible with Inform 6?


I’ll give that one a go-over.


This is an opportunity to review the gameloop of Scott Adams format games again. The authors of the interpreters and tools for this format didn’t seem to have all the documentation that we have updated today.

I spent a bit of time on it, and it sounds like you actually got further than I did. I still don’t know enough Inform 5/6 to really make any meaningful contributions. Perhaps rewriting it from scratch is a better option to get away from the obsolete versions of languages (the Perl code is for Perl 4, if I remember correctly!).

I played around with the SA-format earlier this summer when I wrote scott2zil. If you find something of value in there you are free to use it anyway you like…