Has anyone tried the Moiki authoring system?

I was playing Entre le vin et le Dessert in the French IFcomp this year and I was really impressed by the system in this game:

Apparently it’s Moiki, a system designed by French IF authors. Here are some screenshots:

Has anyone here tried this out before?


I have, predictably, and I highly recommend it! It’s very intuitive and laid out very nicely, while still being quite powerful.

A couple of screenshots of the interface:

I should also mention that it exports to Twine and Ink, as well as I6!


Here’s the link to the English translated version:

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(If anyone who’s tried Moiki wants to add some details on IFWiki, that would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: Moiki - IFWiki. Especially if it’s “stable”, that would be helpful to mark in the infobox. That will allow it to appear on the authoring system lists.)


I’m the author of Moiki. Thank you @bg for adding it on ifwiki ! I’ve added some details.
Thank you also @mathbrush and @mulehollandaise for the kind words !


I completely forgot to mention that I wrote a Moiki tutorial in English for my newsletter last year! This link should take you there. It’s a bit more targeted to Inform 6 import, but exporting to HTML is even easier. And there are screenshots and diagrams!