Hard Puzzle 2

Hi all,

As a means of procrastinating rather than working on my ‘big’ game, I’ve released Hard Puzzle 2 : The Cow, The Stool and Other Animals onto IFDB. It’s here : http://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=w4bgofezs6ux9oah

Like the first it’s just a silly little Speed-IF puzzlebox and should probably take all of…ooh…5 minutes or so to solve. Here’s the blurb : “On the farm, after The Event, things have gotten more complicated than they ought to be. A silly little Speed-IF. But can you solve it?”

If you enjoyed the first game, then this also might be your cup of tea. As ever, it is quite a Hard Puzzle, therefore a prize of much kudos and top spot in the Hall of Fame awaits completionists.