Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

Some celebrate by planting trees. Others pick up litter. I, on the other hand, made a game:

Ice Cream Clouds

Straight from the laboratory of Professor Von Stroopwafel is a modest proposal to solve global climate change. Enjoy a lighthearted romp through a speculative future.

ice cream clouds_1


Good on you… My son saw me trying your game and now I’m not going to see my computer again for who knows how long!



I have already earned my Earth Day fitness badge. :wink:

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I find this very funny.

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I tried to make the icon for the professor look as much like a waffle as possible.

Fun game. :slight_smile:
I ran into a bug on my second playthough:

(on the plus side the cherries are now olives and we can make martinis)


All fixed now. Thanks for finding this. You’ll have to refresh your browser to get the newest version, I think.

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