Hansel et Gretel - La Revanche

Does anybody happen to know if (and if yes, where) Hansel et Gretel — La Revanche is available for download anywhere? It’s available to play online but I intend to play it on an old offline laptop when travelling. Thanks!

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here ya go :sparkles:
http://www.fiction-interactive.fr/fi/corax/hansel-gretel/Hansel et Gretel - La Revanche.gblorb

Merci bien!

(Damn, need to find an interpreter now that can handle Vorple.)

That can prove a bit finnicky; if you download the html page, then start a http server on your computer, you might be able to do it. (See the Vorple website for documentation.) Unfortunately, unlike his next game, Corax didnt make executable versions of that game.

What was his next game? Was that ‘La Tour d’Orastre’?

As both games are choice-based, you don’t get the normal banner at the beginning, so it’s hard to determine things like version and publication date.

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Actually “La Tour d’Orastre” was his very first one. His third game was “La Boussole des Brumes”, a text-based rogue-like / CYOA with a sprawling world. He had a whole team with him with visuals and a soundtrack, all for free on his itch.io: La Boussole des Brumes by Le Nid de Corax. Shame it doesnt have an IFDB page!

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