Hanon's Introcomp 2020 Impressions

A Tango Story

I loved this a lot. I appreciated the interplay of text and music, enjoyed the shape of the interactions, and learned things about social dancing I didn’t know before. I am one of those people who would never dance in public, but this game made me go maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…? Thank you.

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Kink Queens of Venus

Of course I played this and found it an unusual and exciting experiment with a new type of parser that works on auto-prediction. I struggled for a bit to figure out what was going on, but it seemed to work better if I didn’t use normal PICK UP THE SWORD type commands, instead trying just keywords from descriptions and choosing a suggestion. There seemed to be a finite amount of recognized verbs based on the subject matter, but if this was further developed and hinted better, perhaps with a simple tutorial prior to being unleashed in the game world, I could see this being a lot of fun!

There is some obvious homage to Leather Goddesses of Phobos with a portable black hole and I don’t know if the game is meant to be a short replayable Time Cave or a continuing adventure, but I can see a lot of mileage happening with this type of interaction.