Hanon Reads 2021 IFComp Blurbs [audio]

I haven’t gotten directly into any of the games yet, but I was playing around and recorded myself reading and reacting to the IFComp blurbs in real time. The sound quality is pretty meh since I was using my bluetooth air-pods, and everyone can read the blurbs themselves.

I also am not experienced with podcasting or hosting audio, but if I can work out the mechanics would anyone be interested in listening to something like this? Or should I just delve into writing standard reviews like a normal person?


I would love to listen to it.


Normality is overrated: I’d definitely like to hear it.

Okay, here’s my experiment, cringingly submitted.

WARNING: poor audio quality, poor editing, poor attempt at a British accent.
(hosted on SoundCloud)

Hanon Ondricek · IFComp 2021 Blurbs Read (Part 1?)

This was just a cold-read and blind reaction to the first Comp blurbs in the list that came up, so may not reflect on actual quality nor content of the games. I’m not a professional podcaster so this is all new to me. It ends abruptly.

I could do more of these, but it might be super boring just to read blurbs.

Blurbs read:
Song of the Mockingbird
Silicon and Cells
Weird Grief
The Waiting Room
What Remains of Me
Ghosts Within
This Won’t Make You Happy
At King Arthur’s Christmas Feast
My Gender is a Fish
The House on Highfield Lane
The Corsham Witch Trial
You Are Spam Zapper 3.1
Enveloping Darkness
Fine Felines


Oh man. Now you’ve done it. Your hearts signify I have to keep doing this. TECHNOLOGY LEVEL-GET.

In which I find a better microphone - no, that’s really how annoying and nasal my voice is - and also the reverb button, continuing to read more IFComp Blurbs cold with a lil editing.

Hanon Ondricek · IFComp 2021 Blurbs Read (Part 2!)

Read blurbs for:
What Heart Heard of, Ghost Guessed
Cygnet Committee
Funicular Simulator 2021
Universal Hologram
Fourbyfourian Quarryin’
AardVarK Versus the Hype
An Aside About Everything
we, the remainder
The Last Doctor
Taste of Fingers
How it was then and how it is now
The Last Night of Alexisgrad
The Belinsky Conundrum
How the monsters appeared in the Wasteland
Finding Light
The Vaults
The Dead Account
The Miller’s Garden


thank you for doing this! it’s a thrill to hear someone read my description (universal hologram). glad you liked the cover art :slight_smile:

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Of course, normal reviews are good too, but this is surprisingly engaging to listen to. It also gives me some insight into how somebody other than myself reads blurbs. So good job Hanon!

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Will the madness never end?

Hanon Ondricek · IFComp 2021 Blurbs Read (Part 3...)

Read Blurbs:
Cyborg Arena
Smart Theory
Walking Into It
The Best Man
The Spirit Within Us
Plane Walker
Brave Bear
A Papal Summons, or The Church Cat
The Library
Mermaids of Ganymede
I Contain Multitudes
Dr Horror’s House of Terror
Off-Season at the Dream Factory
Beneath Fenwick
Grandma Bethlinda’s Remarkable Egg
Infinite Adventure


And finally…

Hanon Ondricek · IFComp 2021 Blurbs Read (Part 4)

Blurbs Read:
Kidney Kwest
And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One
RetroCON 2021
Codex Sadistica
Goat Game
The Libonotus Cup
A Paradox Between Worlds
Second Wind
The Golden Heist
The daughter
4x4 Archipelago


Great! Listening to you reading the blurb of “The Library” makes me feel better. I was worried because English is not my native language, but that blurb seems to sound well (or at least you make it sound well).
Moreover, listening the English (american?) pronounce of “Leonardo Boselli” has been… amusing :wink:

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Re: the spelling of ‘committee,’ very on point, I did have to run Find and Replace a few times while I was writing the game. Usually I make the mistake of writing it with one ‘t’.

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Hey Hanon, where did you get the full version of the IFComp 2021 promo image you used on Soundcloud? I’ve only seen the weird little cropped-to-the-TV version that’s on the ifcomp site, and I mentally berated it (slightly) for being weird. Makes a lot more sense as part of the big pic.


I have my ways! Muahahaha!

Actually the artist has a Deviant Art page:

If you like this year’s IFComp art, it’s now available as a cool desktop background at the artist’s Deviant Art page! The Dragon Below by Chibionpu on DeviantArt

This was so fun! Loved hearing your impression of BLK MTN, Hanon.

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This was wonderful. Its my first time entering the comp but I’m both entertained and impressed by the creative and imaginative different ways people engage with it.