HANGAR 22 by Rob O'Hara

Rob O’Hara recently finished an IF game in Inform 6 called Hangar 22. It’s got about an hour or 90 minutes of gameplay and in his words, he was shooting for more “text adventure” than “interactive fiction.” I don’t believe it is on the IF Archive yet, but here is an URL for the .z5 file:


Enjoy! I certainly did.

I’ll try to check it out this evening.

Jizaboz, I’m willing to bet you are on the Internet. Well here is an Internet link to Mr O’Hara’s game!

iplayif.com/?story=http://www.ro … ngar_22.z5

I’m enjoying it so far. Even though this game starts out in “my crappy apartment mode”, it’s still one of the most convincing of that environment that I’ve played.

Thanks for checking it out. If you have any questions about the game or get stuck anywhere, please let me know.

OK, just finished it. Pretty fun! Will PM thoughts/critique.