Hand Me Down - Last Updated 2023-10-18

Due to the intricacies of getting my part-TADS, part-Twine game to run in the browser, I’m hosting my game on my server with a little redirect as the official download. As such, if I update the game, there’s no change to the IF Comp server download.

I added a changelog.txt to the website and downloadable ZIP. But for full visibility and transparency (huh?), I thought I’d update it here because it’s easy to miss the changes if you’ve already downloaded or played the game.

Version 1.1 - 3 October 2023

Thanks spellmotif and Mike Russo for their reviews and transcripts, as well as my beta testers who probably already found these!

  • Fixed disambiguation of chisels.
  • Fixed Catsby’s “piece of paper” not being able to be referred as such.
  • Prevented sunlight from being pocketable.
  • Fixed Knight crash not believing you are Catsby or the Gardener from the invite.
  • Removed weird special description for monster head.
  • Fixed clock being visible yet hidden.
  • Attempt to disambiguate keepsake notes better
  • Fixed the world’s dumbest omission of not having something for TASTE CHEESE
  • Fixed misdirection of key hooks maybe suggesting they had keys when they did not.
  • Allowed one to foolishly attempt to pet/scratch Catsby.
  • Fixed the ‘emptycan’
  • Fixed lacuna in applying the correct Latin.
  • Finally fixed the very confusing medals key that was camoflaged as the letterbox key
  • Fixed erasing a chalkboard with chalk
  • Fixed observatory being misleadingly dark when it goes dark(er).
  • Fixed sticker thinking it was part of a telescope.
  • Fixed second most dumb omission of not letting you look through a giant telescope.
Version 1.2 - 8 October 2023

Thanks to Christopher Merriner.

  • Put explicit Version numbers in all three games.
  • Fixed broken storylet in discussion with mother.
  • Disambiguate the sticker (aquarium) from the sticker (whiteboard).
  • Disambiguate pillows from faux pillows.
  • Fixed rogue formula breaking fourth wall in finale.
  • Fixed again the giant telescope.
  • Fixed a bare TYPE just straight crashing the game. Never implement computers on computers.
  • Fixed a mismatch of knowledge about cats and them standing on invitations, if you solve a puzzle quickly.
Version 1.3 - 18 October 2023
  • You can no longer take a nook.
  • Paintings hanging out in a parallel dimension are now in the upper west hallway.

During the comp I’ll only update for bug-fixes, not content that should be added.

Outstanding issues:

  • I do not inform players that we do not use USE in the game, because I want the computer puzzles to be as fiddly as possible (not really)
  • Best response to your Dad doesn’t have to be a white lie.
  • I have not included a map in the walkthrough. I don’t know if this counts as additional content.