Half finished game needs half beta testing.

Some people could be scared of the “half finished” part, and think I want you to finish a game I have put only a minimal amount of effort into. That is not the case, this is half of a big project. The source file already has more than 10,000 words, 17 rooms, and 116 things, I have about 5 finished puzzles with hints for all of them, and I think you are persuaded by now.

At this point, I feel like some major changes need to be made to the pretext of the game. Right now it involves 4 characters roaming around a mansion. The player can play any of them, but the messages seem a bit strange, referring to whoever the player happens to be as “you”, even when “you” changes. I am thinking I might need to change the story tense to make it more natural. One idea I had was simulate a phone conversation, where the player plays a fifth character outside of the story, say a mother or a police guy, who gives instructions to the characters inside the mansion. That way, I have a good excuse for allowing the player to control multiple characters, and gives a nice story, but I don’t know if that will work.

I also would like feedback on normal beta-testing things, like spelling or grammar errors, alternate solutions or phrasings of commands that should be supported or at least give a good message, bugs and other things.

BTW: Try “hint”, “full score”, or “what is …?”

edit: New version based on zombie’s comments. Was surpried how many problems he found considering he made it only through a third of the game, but now at least it’s a lot better third.
madhouse_release3.gblorb (860 KB)
madhouse.gblorb (851 KB)
madhouse.gblorb (836 KB)

I tried your game, up to the point where I couldn’t figure out how to progress. I’m not sure if that was the end of what you’ve made or if I got stuck early.

The idea is really cool.

The “you” referring to different people at different times didn’t bother me, but I did think the “we” in the opening paragraph was weird, since all four PCs were referred to in third person in that same paragraph.

It needed some proof-reading, so I here[doc] is the transcript and highlighted some typos. I also highlighted some stuff that seemed kind of buggy or weird.

Bugs found:

[spoiler]In Josh’s section, the wooden hallway description says, “The east door leads to the marble doorway,” but east leads to the green bedroom.

The green bedroom and red bedroom don’t have exits in the room description.

The hints for Josh acted like you’d easily have a ladder. I’m guessing you need to proceed more with the other characters in order to give Josh access to the ladder?

I was able to take the cabinet in the green room; not sure if that was deliberate.

In Violet’s section, the room with the pipes has a tap that wasn’t mentioned from looking. I found out about it from the hints.

In Sean’s section, I think the text from examining the drain should indicate that it’s covered with a grate or is otherwise a thing that can be opened. It just said it was a dark hole, which suggests it’s not covered.

In Daisy’s section, the kitchen’s room description didn’t list exits. I was surprised when I went around the other way and the other adjoining room mentioned the other path to the kitchen.

The room with the tables in Daisy’s room had a non-existent northward exit in the room description, but I’m guessing you just haven’t made that room yet.[/spoiler]

Hope that helps!

Thanks Cyllya, I have updated the game based on your transcript.