Hadean Lands PWYW sale at IndieGameStand

Subject line sums it up. On sale until Thursday. indiegamestand.com/deal/

I’ve added a few bonuses:

  • High resolution map: This is the artwork that I used for the Hadean Lands backer reward poster. It is larger than the version included with the general HL release, and includes a few additional details.
  • Hadean Lands source code samples: A few representative samples from the Inform 7 source code of the game.
  • Critical Hit: An unfinished prototype of a game I started in 2009. This has never been released on the Internet, although I included it on the HL backer reward CD.

If you gave me a bucket full of money back at Kickstarter time, you already have those (and more). But if not, this is a way to get hold of these samples.

I’m also lowering the iOS App Store price to $2. That’s a separate sale (and doesn’t include the bonuses, sorry).

Bought the whole bucket yesterday.