Hadean Lands got a review in Slate today

…and it’s currently the sixth most read item on the site, according to their home page:

slate.com/articles/technolog … tiful.html

Day before yesterday was Pocket Tactics: pockettactics.com/reviews/re … ean-lands/

I don’t know what brought this on all of a sudden. Not complaining though.

Great review for HL, though I can’t help but pull out this,

I was sad that he mentioned that Blood and Laurels had been cancelled and not that it had later been released. (I left a comment about this but I fear no one will see it.)

I have now posted a Steam Greenlight page: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … =380279925

Votey vote vote. If you’re a Steam user, that is.

He really can’t talk up HL except by pissing on everything non-HL, can he?

I mean yay positive review, but now I feel grimy.

He seems to speak like an old dungeon crawl fan. Literary ambition is what sets some IF apart from others (and from other game genres). That, and a true feeling of agency.

You think so? My impression was that he was more interested in literary IF and foundational experiments (he cites Blood and Laurels).

sorry, I rushed to reply based on that statement alone that I just read here. I know read the article, which is quite insightful. You are right, zarf.

and here’s a great quote: