H2O: A Drop in the Ocean Kickstarter launched this morning showcasing a writer artificial intelligence framework - Update: now with a limited promotion to play for free!

The game and framework are epic, the result of twenty years of development by this former NASA software engineer. Today is March 6, and I have just 38 days to hit my target. Here is the Kickstarter link. [ UPDATE March 15: I hit the funding target (a couple of days ago, in just about one week), but I am interested in building a community around this technology and so really hope whomever may be reading will visit the project page, check it out, and back it if excited. Cheers!! ]

Better to visit the link to learn more, but I provide a recap. below for this IFTF Board.

I hope to release the framework I developed free of charge for other would-be sourcerers, but much depends on successfully proving the concept with H2O. Hey I mean it needs traction, or why bother right? I recently explained this framework on which H2O is based to Emily Short like this:

A writer Artificial Intelligence (WAI) is a framework for interactive fiction in which what has and has not happened in the past determines what an audience may make happen now and in the future.

All content is created prior to release of the production by a creative team working within the WAI framework. I dubbed such a creative team “sourcerers”, just because I thought that was cool. Source content magicians. For H2O, the sole sourcerer is me. The WAI framework force multiplies the possibilities the sourcerers write, making compelling games possible at relatively low production costs tantamount to writing and installing the possibilities. There is some coding involved, and a fair amount of QA, but most of the time is spent designing. Big bang for the time investment.

The WAI grants backer audiences the ability, in advance of release of the production (like this first one, H2O), to find and claim ownership of a small set of choices within it. This capability is granted by another feature of the WAI: people pay to own -and- have their names attributed as a dedication next to fixed permutations of possibility sequences, each sequence of which is contained within a moment node in the story space of the production at large. These permutations are what are referred to in layman’s terms as “mini-stories” in the rewards section of the H2O Kickstarter.

In form, content, and disruptive potential, this work promises to be transformative. Please check it out, if interested I need backers please (!!!), and do enjoy imagining and making good realizations.

Thank you for reading.

P.s. – if anyone could suggest avenues for getting the word out, I am all ears. Happy to provide promotional words and materials. I monitor brad.wind@gmail.com.

A writer artificial intelligence with which you play to write the best stories! Back it to own mini-stories, copyright and all, and have your name appear alongside the one(s) you own!!

That’s the new tagline we found was understood best (“writer AI” is also just plain easier to say than Reality Editing Machine) when talking to the public, and which I posted atop the Kickstarter page linked to from here


The other noteworthy item of this update, especially for the 86 visitors who these past five days saw the original posting here to which this message is a reply, and a percentage of whom visited the project page: As of this writing, *We did away with the access restriction to browsing mini-stories.

That’s right, now you can just go and look at them. You needn’t back the project to view the mini-stories. I’m really hoping to share this with the world. So I’m hoping when people see the mini-stories the writer AI is capable of writing for our audiences, that it attracts the attention it deserves and finds more backers.

Please understand that the mini-stories you see are just that. The writer AI will assemble many mini-stories into an epic masterpiece when you play the final production. Like magic, it all hangs together.

Please go have a look if you are interested, and do please let me know any feedback you may have. Thank you for reading!

I cant get on to KS anyore. Basically the Google Capcha wont let me in.

These links may be repeated from above, but here they are in case it helps.

Here’s the direct link to the project:

Via the aeiouf.com website:

If those do not work, please let me know. Just now, I also moved this About page off of the project page:


This is a complete project. We are looking for audiences that would be interested in playing. In a limited promotion, you can go to the above site, and if you give us a name you get a copy of the work when it launches. Free! Your copy, and everyone’s, will contain a mini-story that can be triggered beside which will appear the name you give us when you signup. All we ask for is a name. Optionally, you can also specify an email address if you choose, for project updates and the planned May release announcement. Don’t miss out!

More new links for H2O: A Drop in the Ocean

H2O: A Drop in the Ocean marks Autism Awareness month.

H2O: A Drop in the Ocean is a text-based cross-platform adventure game created by an autistic crew.

A word from our creator has been just posted on Art of Autism.


Until soon,

—the Writer AI team

“H2O: A Drop in the Ocean” is now available for purchase. And check out the cool cover art that our resident artist had come up with! The base version is only $3.99. You can buy direct from our Facebook page:

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