Guttersnipe postmortem (and future projects)

Very excited to place as high as I did this year! Had a lot of fun playing so many of these good games and hope you all did too.

After making a horror game last year, I wanted to do something a little more comedic with my entry this year. I always loved the 1920s/30s milieu and I’d previously written another game about the same characters (Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets) for Spring Thing 2017, so I thought I’d do another game like that. I’m indebted to all my awesome beta testers Sarah Adams, Jake Strick, Capslock, Norman Rafferty, and Steph Cherrywell! And I’m also very grateful to reviewers like Sam Ashwell, Aziphale, Jason Dyer, Doug Egan, Lynnea Glasser, Christopher Huang, Jack Welch, and others decided to play my game too.

You can find Guttersnipe for post-comp playing (or download!) at

I’d recommend downloading (or making an account to sign in) to avoid the site’s time out. I guess that’s it, but please feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or suggestions! Thanks to everyone for playing and for all the great feedback!

If you enjoyed Guttersnipe (or any of my games), you might also consider checking out my next project, an appropriately seasonal graphic novel about kids celebrating Christmas by fighting monsters at the North Pole. It’s got a lot of the same sense of humor and style, and monsters too! I’d be very appreciative if you wanted to take a look :slight_smile: … reator_nav

Otherwise, thanks for a great IfComp season!