I was reading an FAQ when it mentioned using Inform to code a MUD, and after a bit of research that got me interested in MUDS in general. The only problem is that Guncho seems to no longer exist since the writing of that FAQ. Was it moved somewhere or did it just die out?

If it no longer exists, could someone point me towards a good source to learn how to code a MUD? I really want to experiment with MUDs.

What kind of mud are you interested in? What do you know about them already? Something like a text adventure, or…?

Muds have been around a long time in Internet years (I’ve been playing 15 years and that’s not even half as long as they’ve been around), and there’s a lot out there.

edit: yeah, it looks like the Guncho server and wiki are down. vaporware, who made Guncho, is around here sometimes so maybe he’ll see this, or you could try a PM.

FYI, a newer but similar-ish project is Seltani, also created by an interactive fiction dev – see the thread here, viewtopic.php?f=23&t=9843&p=60790 .

Isn’t Guncho still right here, the first hit on Google? Or is the server backend broken somehow? If so, that’s probably something that the maintainer isn’t aware of and would be happy to hear about.

The website is there but it looks like the server is down.

Seltani is a nontypical MUD in that it’s not a simple two-way text stream. (Which has been nearly the universal definition forever.)

Guncho is traditional in that sense, but then it uses Inform game files as a sort of plug-in resource on the server side, which is unusual.

If you’re interested in MUDs in general, you could start with this FAQ: That links to a bunch of server packages.

I’ve been following those links around and I just found out about Myst Online. Now I’m torn between checking that out and trying to write something in Seltani. I suppose it would be a good idea to play something, so I know more about MUDs than what the wikipedia can tell me. All of this is so exiting, now I’m sad I didn’t find out about this until now.

Edit: The Myst thing seems is more of an MMO. Now I’m going to check out Seltani.

Edit Edit: Seltani seems to be a Myst thing too, no wonder Myst was mentioned in the thread.