Gummy Bear Battle

This is a tactical combat game for two players. Each player controls up to 5 gummy bears: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Neutral, each with 4 skills that are unlocked when leveling up.

This is a digital version of a physical game created as a birthday present for my brother. The physical game can be played with edible pieces and a chess board.

An updated version of the rulebook with all the necessary print-ready components is available to anyone who purchases the game. Support this game to see new updates such as: Online multiplayer, global leaderboard and play against AI.


Love the gummy bear angle! I never thought of Twine as a way to help develop/share board games before. Very cool!

My son and I made a board game that was quite fun, long ago. This is giving me inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

When I was a kid, I used to bite the heads off the gummy bears and reattach different coloured heads to make Frankenstein’s monsters out of them. They’re quite sticky, obviously. Occasionally, when I was feeling extra creative, I’d make a two-headed bear or another one that had a partial parasitic twin.

I clearly need therapy. :wink:


Everyone needs therapy. You need artistic freedom. :wink: