My name is Richard Sharpe. I’m 32 years old and have been a fan of interactive fiction for as long as I can remember. I’m a former newspaper reporter (“staff writer”) and am currently an English major in pursuit of my masters degree. I wrote my first “choose your own adventure” in the seventh grade. Growing up, I loved the Lone Wolf game books. Shadowgate was one of my favorite Nintendo games. I liked Dungeons & Dragons all throughout my childhood and still enjoy table-top role-playing games. My favorite genre of fiction is swords-and-sorcery fantasy; I love knights in shining armor and princesses trapped in high towers, fire-breathing dragons and cackling evil wizards, mystical castles and hunted catacombs.

My return to IF was inspired when I learned of Twine a couple months ago. I’ve had fun making simple CYOA’s with it and am currently in the process of writing a few. However, I’m also interested in developing an IF. It seems Inform 7 is popular tool for creating IF, so I downloaded it and made a simple little game and soon will make something worth uploading.

Well, thanks for reading. I look forward to meeting fellow fans of IF!


— Sharpe

Hey, Sharpe, welcome to the board. I’m somewhat of a newbie here, myself, but I’m also an old IF enthusiast, and my interests pretty much mirror your own. We’re trying an experiment on this thread you might be interested in:

I’m hoping that this experiment runs the gamut of fantasy and other genres, and hopefully get a lot of different viewpoints and authors involved. If you’re interested and have a short story in mind that might fit, we’re creating a patchwork of individual stories that tie together in a vast multiverse. Each story, while stand-alone, will have some element that can be carried on and integrated into other stories, creating a non-linear path that will be different for every player. Powers gained in one story can unlock solutions in other stories, and being non-linear, will be an individual experience.

Oh, man, Lone Wolf. My family recently unearthed my copies of the first 14, which are occupying a shelf in my room right now.

Reading your post caused me to peek at the Lone Wolf series on Wikipedia, which led me to discover Project Aon… where I can print out PDF versions of ALL of them.


Welcome aboard!

If you like that, you may enjoy their “Seventh Sense” LW gamebook-player util.


Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome!

I’ll take a peak! Thanks for the invite!

Actually, I linked to Project Aon in my OP. Coulda saved a trip to Wikipedia! :wink:

Glad to reacquaint you with an old friend. I envy your printed collection. If you return to find your bookshelves empty, it wasn’t me! :wink: