Great *really* short story.

Just wanted to share this with you folks, if you haven’t read this really short story, you should take 5-10 mins to do so. It’s quite good. :ugeek:

Interesting… that’s all I say about it.

A really short comment for a really short story, Eh? :laughing:

I did take a look at it. It’s quite thoughtful! Good work! I’ll probably end up checking out the rest of your work now!

I’m glad you liked it but I didn’t write it, I hope I didn’t make it sound like I did. It’s a story I like that I wanted to share with you guys.

You can still try out my work, of course! :stuck_out_tongue: but my IFs so far are a bit more absurd than a story like The Egg.

Oh I see! Well, I’ll probably be looking at the rest nevertheless!

It was a fine way to spend five minutes.

In a slightly similar vein, lately I’m hooked on

Wow, cool! I did not see that twist coming… it puts an interesting spin on the character’s actions. Knowing you lived in a world like that would make me feel both very lonely, and never really alone. For a work with some similar themes, have you read Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile? It’s an interactive comic, and I think it’s available on his site.

Richard Bach had a similar idea in his book One. Except for the “egg” part.

It reminds me a great deal of “They’re Made out of Meat” by Terry Bisson. Considered a classic of its genre.

Never seen that before. Great little piece!