Gray Biscayne - an upcoming interactive fiction on

Lately, along with Ghetto Grind, I’ve started working on two full interactive fictions; one of them being NSFW/adult type. The one that is “safe for work” is Gray Biscayne, an interactive fiction set in 1961 and involves a young writer and his customized 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne.
Currently there is only nine pages of it, I don’t know how many pages it will have, but so far it has a generally happy, calm theme. I want to keep the same theme for whole story, which will be short as well since it is my first true interactive fiction (I plan under 100 pages for it).
I think it is a little bit early for proofreading or early reviewing, but if you’re curious you can check it out/sneak at here (sneak preview is open :smiley: ). Any updates regarding to this topic will be published here.

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Couldn’t take care of the game for a while. I’m a little bit busy lately; I’m in a game jam, taking care of Ghetto Grind, into modding one of my favourite games, studying programming and (sometimes) making music, I totally forgot about this game.
There is appearently a review about Story difficulty during the time I was gone and somebody (naturally) wants a way to lose. I understand that person and apologize for not investing into this game so much. But of course, I’ll do something about it without adding even more projects into the schedule. I also somehow don’t feel too much to add something more to Ghetto Grind lately, probably because my tests are stuck in early stages of the game and I was busy trying to fix them.