Graphics in output file

I vaguely remember this has been covered not too long ago, but I can’t find the thread.

I got small pictures for the locations of my game. When I release the game (“Release along with an interpreter.”) the resulting .gblorb file contains the graphics but when I use the play.html to play the game in a browser there’s no graphics. What do I need to do so that playing via the .html file also shows the pictures?

OK, that was me wailing about that in a couple of threads.

If you just want an online play link, use, which is insanely user-friendly and will support graphics.

If you want to do it on Itch, follow the directions in this thread, Juhana’s post # 19.

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To see images in Quixe (the default interpreter when releasing with an interpreter), you need to run a python script provided by zarf. Script & command line can be found at the very end of this page: Quixe Graphics Support · erkyrath/quixe Wiki · GitHub


Okay, I want to upload the game to my own website - that blocks me from using a .zip file and Borogove, right?I’ll look into the solution Florian suggests.

Come to think of it, now that Inform is open-source, it would be useful to have it do this automatically. I’ll take a look sometime and see how much work that would be to implement.


@Grueslayer – the docs I sent you about transcript-recording etc. include the Zarf script step (using which will include your graphics.


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Now THAT sounds awesome!

The zip file would work. Just upload all the individual files in it (or upload the zip and unpack it on the server.)