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Hi guys, I am trying to turn some of my hyperlinks into buttons for neatness with Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks by Erik Temple. Unfrotuantly I can’t get it to compile. Is there a newer version? The errors I’m getting are:

All Glimmr extensions were 6G60-compatible. The move to the next version of Inform was one of the big ones with lots of changes, and Glimmr, being very complex, mostly broke. So the short answer is: there is no newer version, and no easy fix. Some things that Glimmr relied on have not been updated, or are in-progress, as well.


Ah damn. Thanks anyway! It’s looking like upgrading was a bit of a mistake, lol. :confused: Is there any other way to turn links into buttons?

For the time being, I think the easiest and best solution is to revert to 6G60. Are you using any features exclusive to the newest release? If not, that’s probably what you should do.

If you are open to distributing your game primarily through Quixe, you can style the hyperlinks as buttons using CSS. You can see an example of this here.

Thanks, that looks interesting. The game crashed with a bunch of input errors after a couple of moves, though.

Regarding the Glimmr framework, I was really hoping to use the automap extension in my project under development, and was really bummed when I found out it won’t work with recent versions of Inform :frowning:

Hm, I’ve never seen it crash or have errors. But whatever those errors might be, the chances that they have anything to do with the basic approach of styling links as buttons is very slim so don’t let it scare you off if you’re otherwise inclined to that approach.

There won’t be any update to Glimmr, at least not from me. (Though anyone is welcome to update or improve the extensions, of course!)

I’d also like to get Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks working for a project. I’m writing with Inform 6M62 and the version of GGH that I grabbed was from, so this is not a version that is necessarily known to be working.

For the sake of experimentation, I created as simple an experiment as I could: a text window plus a side graphic window. I’d like to be able to click in the graphic window and issue a command to the parser. I am able to get the layout that I want and the mouse clicks are being detected, however, once I click within the “hot” area of the graphic window, I see no output in the text window and the prompt never comes back. If I click in the graphic area outside the hot link area nothing happens until I hit the return key, which then brings the prompt back after null input.

Here’s the example project:

Include Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks by Erik Temple.

Chapter 1 - Define Windows

The rock number of the main window is 200.
The background color of the main window is "#fcfced".

The right gutter is a graphics g-window spawned by the main window.
The position of the right gutter is g-placeright.
The scale method of the right gutter is g-fixed-size.
The measurement of the right gutter is 240.

The rock number of the right gutter is 210.
The background color of the right gutter is "#f9f9f9".

The ButtonArea is a g-graphlinked graphics g-window spawned by the right gutter.
The position of the buttonArea is g-placeabove.
The scale method of the buttonArea is g-fixed-size.
The measurement of the buttonArea is 240.

The rock number of the buttonArea is 220.
The background color of the buttonArea is "#BBBBBB".

Chapter 2 - Interactivity

When play begins:
	set a graphlink in ButtonArea identified as "bob" from 1 by 1 to 100 by 100 as "look";
	open the buttonArea.
Every turn: 
	refresh all windows.
The Study is a room. In the study is an old oak desk. On the desk is a Parker pen, a letter, an envelope and twenty dollars.

I should mention that although I included only the GGH extension, a number of other extensions upon which GGH is dependent are pulled in. To get all of them to play nicely, I had to update their dependencies thusly:

include version 2/160628 of Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks (for Glulx only) by Erik Temple -Include version 15/161003 of Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold --Include version 1/140516 of Alternative Startup Rules by Dannii Willis --Include version 10/160919 of Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short ---Include version 1/160919 of Glulx Definitions by Dannii Willis ---Include version 1/160919 of Glk Object Recovery by Dannii Willis ---Include version 1/160919 of Glk Events by Dannii Willis --Include version 5/140516 of Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short

I think this project leans mainly on Flexible Windows for window layout, GGH which defines a hot area within the graphic window and associates the mouse click with the command, and Glulx Entry Points, which is passed the replacement command after a mouse click in the hotlink area.

I added some debugging remarks within GGH and I’m sure that the desired command text is being shot over to Glulx Entry Points. Here’s what I see when I click in the hotlink area of the graphic window:

It’s smells to me like the focus is never coming back to the main window. I suspect the code is just a little bit off, but am not familiar enough with this whole ecosystem of extensions to tease it apart. If I could get this basic test case working, I think I could muddle through from there to write my project.

I’m not wed to the idea of using this extension or even I7. I’d consider other systems or some web-specific tricks (javascript, css, etc.) to get this working, but since this extension already exists and seems to be close to working, I’d like to see if it can be fixed.

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks - Jack


But I have no standard template, so it’s kind of a DIY platform at the moment. If you’re a web dev kind of person, it might be doable.

re: FyreVM-web

I’m not a web developer, but I can muddle through javascript and CSS. I’ll at least explore this